My name is Jenna Steffen and I am a personal branding photographer in Missouri. Are you looking for more consistency in your brand, or needing a gallery of images for your website? I would love to be your personal branding photographer! I have a variety of sessions for you to choose from that will help bring your business together. I am eager to build a relationship with you and gift you with consistent, detailed, and on brand photos for your brand!


Love, Jenna

Say Hello to Personal Branding

Personal branding has many aspects to it but my favorite avenue is branding photography! A personal branding photoshoot will leave you with a gallery of visuals that you have the freedom to be creative with. Imagine having a variety of images to choose from to use for your website, socials, or more. No more posting photos taken on your phone or using images from years ago. Having genuine, real time photos will help your clients or customers see you, your vision, and what you want to serve them with.

So, why is having a branding photoshoot important? a branding photoshoot provides you with consistent images that flow with your brand! Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it reflects who you are, and the hard work and love you put into your business.


detailed shots that allow your clients to see your products in an undistracted way! flay lay is a fun and unique way for your products to stand out, using props and colors that compliment your brand well.


what better way to provide consistency for your customers than posting consistent images that feel like YOU! Having images of your products with on brand props, background, even the same editing style is a huge way to attract your ideal clientele. Learn more about this type of session in the info tab


do you need headshots that introduce who you are, or lifestyle photos that give your ideal clients a way to connect with you? after all your story, your personality and who you are, allows your clients to connect with you on a personal and more professional level


something as simple as a headshot can make all the difference on how you connect with your people! A headshot may not seem personal but that's where we come together. I get to learn about you and your business and what makes your brand; your brand. A classic headshot is great but a personal branding headshot is better!

Planning sessions like these are so fun because we can plan the location, I can bring all the props, and more! I would love to give you an experience that compliments your brand, all I'm doing is enhancing it and showing it off.



SCROLL THROUGH MY SESSIONS AND LEARN MORE ABOUT ME AND MY AMAZING CLIENTS! I am excited for you to see a more in-depth behind the scenes to my sessions


the architecture, lighting, ambiance of your store deserves to be shared! I would love to capture your store. If you have a shop I would LOVE to do a session incorporating your storefront :)

lets welcome your customers in and show your place with some photos of your shop.


lets capture the colors, textures, and details of your designs, or products


lets capture the colors, textures, and details of your designs, or products