first official session as branding by jenna

The first few minutes

First session and first blog post! Guys, I am so excited to share about my amazing and hardworking clients!

I had a session with Erica who owns Linquist Lane; an heirloom wooden toy company. We had her session at urban studios in downtown Springfield MO. One thing that I love to do with any session, is starting out with detail shots. My client brought her laptop with her logo as a sticker on it- I love this so much for a variety of reasons. The colors, font, and added designs shows so much about Linquist Lane and her brand. Erica's brand also matched who she is and her personality so well. Erica was such a joy to be around and I could tell she truly loves what she does and how she serves her community. Detailed shots are some of my favorite ones to post just because of how simple they are yet tell so much.

Product Photography

Erica brought a bucket full of her products, it was so fun to show off her products and hear stories behind them! I love incorporating on brand colors and props to showcase a product even more. I love these shots because everything is on brand; the natural wood stool, and the green plant just make it come together. Erica was a pro at product placement, she knew exactly how to position everything and even moved slowly to get the shot of the puzzle piece falling into place.

One thing I learned about Linquist Lane is that they partner with local creators to build their toys. I got to see the quality of these toys first hand and the details on them is impeccable! If you are looking for adorable, simple, and unique toys please check out Linquist Lane!

Sessions like these are so effortlessly good, I love working with business owners who are excited to invest in quality photos for their business! Something I really loved was how supportive and a helper Erica's mother was. Their relationship is so sweet and I got to connect with them even more. I think it is so fun learning about local businesses that I had never had the chance to meet along with people who mean so much to them.

If you would like to take the responsibility or stress of buying props, setting up, taking pictures, editing them off of you and your business send me an inquiry I would love to work alongside you and take on those tasks for you!